Submission Guidelines (General + 2012 Contests)

Go Lobos!

Go Lobos!

Blue Mesa Review is a literary magazine put out annually by the creative writing department at the University of New Mexico. We accept submissions of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction from all over the country.

To submit Poetry, Fiction, or Non-Fiction to BMR follow the instructions below!

As always, the Blue Mesa Review accepts previously unpublished work in
Fiction (up to 30 pages), Non-Fiction (up to 30 pages) , Poetry (3-5
poems), Book Reviews, and Interviews.

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but let us know if you have it
placed elsewhere. Also, please do not send multiple submissions. In
other words, please wait for us to respond to your manuscript before
sending another.

Formatting is the usual, typed, double-spaced, and brief cover
letter. Please make sure your name is on the first page of your

We are now accepting electronic submissions ONLY. Please click on the link to be automatically redirected to our online submission manager! Submit to Blue Mesa Review

As of March 1, 2011, we are no longer accepting snail mail submissions. Any questions or requests you’d like to mail to our editors should be sent to the following address:

Blue Mesa Review
Department of English
MCS 03-2170
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Manuscripts sent to this address will be recycled.

2012 Fiction Contest Guidelines:

1st Prize = PUBLICATION and $1,000

Runners up will receive an honorable mention and a chance at publication.

Entry Fee: $17

Requirements: Original, unpublished fiction, 7000 words or less.

The Judge: Kate Braverman


2012 Poetry Contest Guidelines:

Contest Judge: Dana Levin

All unpublished poetry manuscripts of 5  poems maximum will be


The winner will receive $750 and publication in Blue Mesa Review Issue 25, and two copies

of issue 25.

Please submit and pay $17 online to our new online submission manager


35 responses to “Submission Guidelines (General + 2012 Contests)

  1. If I’ve posted a fiction story on my website, is that considered “published”? Or can I submit it to your contest?

    • bluemesalit

      You can submit it, if it hasn’t been published another publication that has the first publishing rights to it. So if it is only on your website, the yes, please submit!

  2. Isn’t there any electronic process of submission??

    • Samantha Tetangco

      Not yet, but we are hoping to use the AWP proceedes from BMR Issue 23 to purchase one within the next couple of months. Stay tuned here and the BMR website for updates. Thanks for asking!

    • bluemesalit

      Hi there,
      We now have online submission capabilities! Please submit by clicking the link above!

  3. I’m up here in Canada. Does Blue Mesa Review only accept American submissions? Or I’m I free to submit material?
    Thanks for any info!

    • burqueboy

      Hi Bob, we’ll consider submissions from anybody. We’ve gotten submissions from Canada, Great Britain, Qatar, Australia, India, Italy and China–to name a few. You can save the international postage by using our online submissions manager.

      Thank you for your interest!

  4. Lana Wilson

    Is this blind judging? Should we leave personal info off of the pages of the story, and include it only on the cover page? Thanks.

    • bluemesalit

      Hi Lana,
      There is a ‘blind’ option for when you submit to our contests through Submishmash, but we also ensure removal of all identifying information before we forward final pieces to our judges.

  5. Matthew Skeets

    Can I take a stab at both the fiction and poetry contests, or will I have to endure the impossible task of picking one?

  6. burqueboy


    Not only can you enter in both contests, you may even submit more than one entry in either category (something we do not allow in our general submissions), as long as each contest submission is accompanied with its own entry fee.

    Thanks for your interest, and good luck!

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  8. Jane

    Are the first and second place winners of the yearly contest always nominated for a Pushcart?

    • bluemesalit

      Hi Jane,
      The process we’ve had thus far is that as an editorial board we come to a consensus on all Pushcart nominations. So far it has nothing to do with who wins our contests, but more to do with what we, as a board, feel strongly about. In the past that has coincided with contest winners. Does that answer your question?

  9. Elise

    Any news on when the 2011 winners will be announced?

  10. Lorena Beauchesne

    Your guidelines imply that you want a minimum of three poems per submission? Would offering just one poem break your rules? I’m referring to general submissions, not the poetry contest. Thanks.

    • burqueboy

      Three to five poems is the average number of poems per submission, but we only enforce the maximum limit. If there is only one poem you’d like to send us, we’ll be happy to read it.

  11. Luisa

    Where can I order a copy of the magazine, if I only want one edition (specifically the one with this year’s contest) and don’t plan to subscribe? And how much does that cost?

  12. Hannah Green

    I just ordered my copy of the next issue…I know it comes out in April, but is there any specific date or time of month? Early or mid or late April?

    • bluemesalit

      Hi Hannah,
      We get our issue back from the printers on April 7th. Did you order your copy through UNM Press? They should have copies by April 8th at the latest for shipping.

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  14. John Graham

    I have been in workshops with the poetry judge and have received one-on-one feedback from her, as well as a manuscript review, though I’m not a former/current student of hers. May I submit?

  15. Question: Can i submit a hardcopy for the Poetry Contest? If so, what is the mail in entry fee?

  16. Good day. I’m new to contests and I am curious about how to pay the submission fee and what you look for in a good cover letter for a short story. Thank you.

    • bluemesalit

      Hi, if you submit through our online submission manager there is an electronic payment option. We read all work blind, which means we don’t even look at cover letters, but generally a cover letter should have the name of the story, your name address, email, phone, and a 1-2 sentence summary of the said story, and a “thank you for your consideration” type of sign off.

  17. George Such

    I have had a poem accepted elsewhere, which I also sent in a submission to your journal. If only one of five poems is taken, should I withdraw all five via the submission manager and then resubmit. I couldn’t find an email address for the editor. How do you prefer to process withdrawals?

    • bluemesalit

      Hi, Please write us a note, in SUBMISHMASH letting us know what is still available and what has been picked up. SUBMISHMASH has that feature if you click on your submission.

  18. Quick Question: Would you like book reviews to be queried first? Or just the whole thing? If so what length, please? and thank you. ;o)

  19. h. marie aragon

    I am looking for info re 2013 contest and submission date. Today is Dec.29,2012. Tks . MA

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